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Jessica G. Abejar


Writing has been one of my earliest passions in life, shaping the artist and storyteller I am today. Through writing, I aim to tell untold stories, illustrate different perspectives, educate anyone about anything, and most importantly, connect with people.

Throughout my academic career I had received many writing awards in poetry, playwriting, speech writing, and research writing. During my college career, I worked as a writing tutor and interned as an Editorial Intern for UniPro - Pilipino American Unity for Progress, fact-checking, editing, and co-authoring policy memos across a vast range of topics ahead of the 2010 presidential election. In recent years, I have written dance reviews in BroadwayWorld for shows throughout the New York City area and currently author a youth column for The Filipino Catholic, a monthly newspaper for the Filipino-American Catholic community.

Writing Samples

The Filipino Catholic logo.

#FollowersOfChrist, The Filipino Catholic (2013 - present)

A monthly youth column focusing on topics such as family, prayer, and the Filipino-American Catholic experience

This monthly column was intended for younger readers to connect with their Filipino and Catholic heritage but has been enjoyed by readers of all ages. In simple, easy-to-understand articles, I include topics such as themed prayer ideas; saint profiles; Filipino Catholic customs, traditions, and values; and feast days, holidays, and holy days. Occasionally, I also cover local events in the Filipino-American Catholic community.

Broadway World logo.

NYC Dance, BroadwayWorld (2014-2015)

Regular reviews of dance shows throughout New York City, featuring major dance companies, dance festivals, and emerging artists

By getting right to the heart of each piece, I allow those unfamiliar with the dance world to get a peek into this multifaceted field. I use colorful language and non-dance terms to capture the artistry, athleticism, and emotion of these dances in the moment, as if readers were right there in the audience. I especially love writing for emerging artists and dance festivals with very little exposure, helping to not only expand these artists' reach but also expanding the field of dance itself.

Performance Samples

I Am, version 2.1

This poem was written and performed for TAGALOGUE, a performance of original monologues and dialogues of Filipinos living in the United States. "I Am, version 2.1" is a Filipina-American's confrontation with the "Identity Crisis," featuring the Girl of Today and the Filipina in Her Veins. The performance took place at the Nuyorican Poets Café, New York, NY, in October 2012. The original was a solo piece performed for the inaugural Filipino-American Heritage Month Celebration at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in October 2009.

I Can Hear Them Dancing

This poem was written and performed during the College of Mount Saint Vincent's SAMAHAN Rock Ya Body Competition in the Fall of 2007. "I Can Hear Them Dancing" is about the love of dance as told by a different perspective; it was inspired by a line in a poem written by a high school classmate.