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Jessica G. Abejar


A love for movement and a change in lifestyle led me to wellness. After realizing the importance of physical wellbeing along with mental and spiritual wellbeing, I began to pursue a path in wellness becoming a Group Fitness Instructor and later becoming certified in Personal Training through the American Council on Exercise. I became certified in teaching POP Pilates, the very format that got me into fitness. I have taught for various gyms, studios, and community-based organizations including 24 Hour Fitness, The Fit NYC, Jazzercise Huntington, CNYC Fit, and Boutique Fitness.


Jessica Abejar teaching a POP Pilates class.

POP Pilates

A pilates-inspired group fitness format

POP Pilates is a dance on the mat – a group fitness format inspired by classic mat Pilates moves and choreographed to upbeat music! Created by YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho, POP Pilates is a challenging yet fun workout that targets the entire body and will help you develop a solid core and strong muscles (and a strong mind)!

"Audience joining in a flashmob dance, an example of dance cardio at a large event."

Dance Cardio

A high-intensity dance-based workout

Dance Cardio is a fun workout class for all people! Movement is easy to follow along to and accompanied by fun, inspiring, and motivational music to help brighten up the mood!

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